Monday, September 28, 2009

Must win hearts of Afghan people

General McChrystal says that there is a need for more troops to help the armed forces gain the hearts and minds of all the Afghanian people. He says that without the hearts ofthe people behind them then they will have no way of winning the war and the past eight years will be all fought for nothing. Some of the top democrats including John Kerry of Massachusetts says that there is no need to rush into a decision of this magnitude and wants to debate this more instead of sending vast numbers of men and women to fight and risk their lives for the war. Cohen states that there needs to be an explanation to why we are in Afghanistan from President Obama.

I think that the fighting in the middle east as a whole has gone on for way too long. We keep sending troops over to help get the taliban fighters yet we still have not gotten them all. All the talk about winning the hearts of the Afghani people is not all to far from the truth, but i think that they are not too happy of us being over there shooting and attacking in their country when we can't keep going forever. If we want to get the hearts and minds we should just goo over and help rebuild the homes of those whose houses and property has been damaged that will get them on our side to say that we are a helpful nation instead of calling us hurtful and destructive beings. I am not saying that the US military being there is bad thing but i think we are going out on the wrong limb by fighting completely fighting and not helping out the nations as much to rebuild while we drive the taliban farther away.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prove Its Peaceful

The Iranian Government has let out that they have another nuclear facility of which they have had in hiding for 5 years. The United States and President Obama want Iran to let the officials who are in charge of checking and making sure nuclear plants are safe in to check and see just that. The Iranian Gov. says that the facility is a peaceful power supplying style of plant but the US and other nations are not so sure without the proof. The US Government believe without a doubt that there is a reason for the hiding of this facilty for so long and that reason they believe is that they are trying to create nuclear weapons.

I am not sure what to really say about the situation other than that i am honestly for the American Government. I don't say that the facility itself is for sure a nuclear weapon plant but i agree that the Iranian Government should prove to the world that the plant is a safe and not a weapons plant like they say. If they agree to giving the inspectors time to go check the entire plant itself and they say that it is not a weapons plant then they should by all right use the plant but if they are hiding something then i think that the Iranian Government should be scared and ready to face any consequences that they recieve. I think that the problem that is here is from the very start when this plant was first built i think that they should have been checked and then this whole ordeal would not be such a problem and then the people of the world would not have to worry so much about a nuclear attack coming from Iran.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama Takes Back Healthcare

President Obama in an effort to bring health care into a national health care plan stopped in to Minnesota to try and sway one of the healthiest states to come with him and be on his side for the whole ordeal involving his health care plan. Obama Himself stated that "I intend to be president for a while now and that he has every incentive to make this bill work because there is no reason to pass a bill that fails.

I am not sure whether a nation wide health care plan would be beneficail for the status of the United States. the plan for the US is not something that i would see as a way of improving the government for the matter that not everyone in the states would be able to afford the amount of money that would be involved in making the plan work. Also not every person wants to have health care or they are waiting to get any kind of health plan for themselves once the economy goes up. For Minnesota being one of the healthiest states, I don't know whether or not the people in Minnesota are against the healthcare plan that Obama is presenting but i can say that all across the US there are people who are both for and against the plan mainly because they either have health plans or they don't.