Monday, December 21, 2009

Tests show positive signs

There is a test going to be done on figuring out if we are ready for an attack from the Iranian government if they do decide to attack our country. The test is to see if our new capibility 2 missile technology is able to work out as well as it is planned to but yet we are needing to test it to see. there are a total of like 2 missile bases that have the capability of shooting these missiles for defense and tehy are in Alaska and in California. So far the majority of the shots would be coming out of Alaska due to the shorter distance of travel around the world. The Government is saying that the earliest they expect any type of iranian shooting is in the year 2020 which is not so far only a mere ten years away.

I am not sure whether or not this is a big deal but the thing is that the government is thinking that Iran is going to fire missiles on us and we are afraid of that happening when we are trying to get peace talks going. I think once this war is over we will be less afraid of the Iranian Government doing this to us but still its scary stuff. Iran may be in the middle east but it is still full of understanding people who will hopefully come to realize that there are not that many problems as it seems at the moment and come around and be less hostile towards anyone. The whole problem with the testing is we are firing over the ocean basically and what happens of the interceptor misses? Do we fire another one or do we just let it hit the land somewhere? they have a plan but the plan is not very detailed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Putting Welfare To Work

There is a number of people out in pocverty and many are struggling just to survive. In 2005 there are nearly 43% of people labeled as being in poverty that make half or less than 19,350 dollars- the governments definition of a family of four. this number has been risen from there being a decreasing number of TANF cases and being no one arguing for going back to the no-strings-attached approach of things. Many people are still going into poverty even when there are less TANF cases and so there are many critics that say that this cannot be a measure of success, partly due to the effect that there ae more people starting to rely on medicaid as well as many other food stamps being used around today. There is an effect that those whio do find full time jobs don't have the training and fail to make enough money to get out of poverty.

I am kinda not sure where to sit on this because yes there are lots of people out working and yes there are many who do start looking for jobs once they have none. The problem seems that the more you want a job the harder it is to get because there are jobs that people are not willing to do and yet that is the only job open. Yes the job may be bad and cruddy but if your looking into just making money than why not take it and get some income because every little bit works to help. The welfare part and medicaid is understandable but if you have a job there are chances that you will be able to get help easier and for a little less. I know that it can be hard to find a job but I also know that in order to get to were you want you need to work for it and that goes for finding the right job for you. It may take time and you may not like some jobs you do but there is a bright side to the story at the end where you find that job.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Choose Your Gender Wisely?

The technology to choose whether you get a boy or a girl child is getting into a bigger wider and more accurate field. The pre-implantation genetic diagnosis also known as PGA gives parents the choice of choosing whether their child will be a boy or a girl. the process allows for finding any diseases that the child may have and eradicating them and requires the family to have an in vitro fertilization. The problem is that this procedure is banned in most countries but it is available in the United States and is costing around $18000.

I have a problem with this and that is that the choice of becoming a male or female is all up to god and his choices for the baby. I hate when something of this magnitude comes out into the world and alot of people think that they can play god so they make the choice to change genders. Yeah sure there is the whole if they have a birth defect or are born with a mental illness but most parents would end up loving their children no matter what and its not their choice in making a cild a boy or girl its the choice of what happens and the parents should be fine with it no matter what the outcome.