Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Choose Your Gender Wisely?

The technology to choose whether you get a boy or a girl child is getting into a bigger wider and more accurate field. The pre-implantation genetic diagnosis also known as PGA gives parents the choice of choosing whether their child will be a boy or a girl. the process allows for finding any diseases that the child may have and eradicating them and requires the family to have an in vitro fertilization. The problem is that this procedure is banned in most countries but it is available in the United States and is costing around $18000.

I have a problem with this and that is that the choice of becoming a male or female is all up to god and his choices for the baby. I hate when something of this magnitude comes out into the world and alot of people think that they can play god so they make the choice to change genders. Yeah sure there is the whole if they have a birth defect or are born with a mental illness but most parents would end up loving their children no matter what and its not their choice in making a cild a boy or girl its the choice of what happens and the parents should be fine with it no matter what the outcome.

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