Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Fight To Stay Focused

The Plane that went over the Minneapolis Airport last week was not the first to raise questions toward pilot's paying attention while flying but it will hopefully be the last. The thing with it is a pilot is having to travel hours on end in the air and they loose focus very easily. Charlie Bray a retired pilot stated how there is not a whole lot to do when you are flying on a programmed course. the only thing you have to do is remember to keep checking the instruments. He also stated that you can read only things that pertain to the flight so the most you can read is a manuel about the plane and how to work it or you can make conversation with your co-pilot.

I honestly would be scared for my life if i were on a flight with a pilot who lost focus. Sure its understandable that they get bored on those long flights looking at some clouds but still to go 150 miles over the strip. i would think that even the worst pilot in the world would have been able to see that they were that far off and past. i am just like thinking outloud here but are pilots like liable to all the passengers safety when they are flying them around up above 10 thousand feet or are they just suppose to get you to your destination fly over and turn around and get you back to the place you are meant to go? I am glad that the two who flew over minneapolis airport got fired but for the future i think that the amount of things allowed should be limited like no laptops to distract the pilots, honestly how hard is it for airplanes to come stock with a guide printd out on paper.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Iran Seeks A Change

Iran is currently fighting to go against sending 70 % of its nuclear uranium out of the country of which was decided by the UN earlier last week. The UN stated that Iran has to send 70% of their uranium to Russia for the deal to be acceptable. Tehran says that they are not going to make any weapons with the uranium and that the plant itself is for electrical purposes and research types of movements. To make a weapon out of low-enriched uranium it would take 2,200 pounds worth of uranium. However the UN has issues the 70% which consists of 2,420 pounds to be sent out leaving them well under the amount that they need to make any weapon.

I am not really for the idea of another big world country gaining the power of Nuclear weaponry at any rate. yeah there are alot out there as it is but there is no telling if Iran would use it peacefully. Also there is no proof at the moment that the Plant in Iran is going to be for electrical purposes either. I say there should be a thorough look into this new plant so that there can be garunteed results that it is not a plant for weapons and that it is for an electrical power plant so that there is less fear in this already fearful nation. I am not going to forget about the plants accusations of being a weapon plant but I am hoping that it is only an electric one so the U.S. stops worrying about it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

They died in honor

On Monday Oct. 26th 14 Americans died in two different crashes. Three of the men were DEA Agents. The DEA is an extremely tight family and they say that it will be a tough period without the three. They also are the first DEA members to die in Afghanistan of which the DEA has had members in for 4 years now. President Obama says that "they Died and are doing this nation proud and now we should keep the memory of them alive in our hearts." The two crashes were devestating, 10 died in one that went down with no named reason at this moment but there seems to be no enemy fire at all and the other happened with 4 soldiers when two different helicopters crashed.

Ok so yes they died but what i don't get is that the first crash being any sort of death for honor of the nation. The chopper crashed for a reason that they do not know yet but they are not suspecting any enemy fire so what would make that honorable? yes its sad they died i am not saying it isn't but for Obama to say that it is an Honorable death for America does that mean if one of the soldiers dies from a heart attack and he is not fighting that he is dying an honorable death or not? I am all for the support of the troops but not for saying a crash with no enemy fire being an honorable death i am not for. That is way to much for me i am sorry , if there was enemy fire then yes it would be rightful to say they suffered death in honor for the US.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Change Takes Time

President Barrack Obama of the United States has been in office now for almost a year. This same guy who campaigned for The now is becoming a man of change in time. Obama has promised that the troops will be out of Afghanistan and Iraq but now they are still not out, infact there are many more troops being sent out. He has also has promised to close guantanimo bay but is not gonna make his January deadline. The Biggest two on Obama's desk right now are the healthcare plan and the Economy. There are currently more than 500 campaign promises being tracked and the majority of those are labeled with no progress, with only 3 years and a few months remaining in his term Mr. Obama must get his stuff in gear.

I am not sure about the tracking but it does sound like a good idea. I am happy that we have someone in office who is trying to change the way people look at things but at the moment its a tough job for just one man to keep so many promises. I am not saying drop some of the promises but for the most part why not give the guy some credit. At least he is trying to fix the problem instead of just making it worse. Yeah sure we may be in a recession but its just normal that recessions occur, all we can do is look at the past and learn from it so we don't make the same stupid mistakes again. I say if Obama can get the economy fixed and that and jobs start to appear again and all that then i say good job Mr. President and keep up the good work. I am not gonna voice any opinions about the promises he has made its still really early in his term. Maybe next year we can make some bigger conclusions about Obama's administration but not now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Warfare Spending

The Spending of War Dollars has gone up and down through the entire war so far in Iraq and Afghanistan. In past wars there has been "Power of the purse" of which has been used by the congress to limit the executive power. the most recent of the use has been with the Vietnam war and then congress did not allow Ronald Reagan to fund the Contra fighters in Nicaragua. Congress is saying that them being in Iraq in an unending effort there is doing us no good in the war. The President is also known as the commander in chief. This persons responsibility is to solve problems and decide how to conduct America's battles.

I believe that President obama should pull out of this war with the troops. the cost has been growing over these eight years to a point where we eill have to pay it off in years and it will take forever. According to the National Priorities Project the cost of war is currently sitting at $915.1 Billion and still growing at a fast rate with an estimated $1 trillion total cost by the end of 2010. This war has gone on long enough and lives have been lost and yet they are considering to send in more troops why would you do that if you want to get the peace talks going. I think that if we want to start paying back the war debt and start strengthening the economy again one of the steps we have to take is pulling out troops and getting out of the war as soon as posible. Obama needs to be smart about this and not just listen as much to the general but get others opinions and form a decision.

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