Tuesday, October 27, 2009

They died in honor

On Monday Oct. 26th 14 Americans died in two different crashes. Three of the men were DEA Agents. The DEA is an extremely tight family and they say that it will be a tough period without the three. They also are the first DEA members to die in Afghanistan of which the DEA has had members in for 4 years now. President Obama says that "they Died and are doing this nation proud and now we should keep the memory of them alive in our hearts." The two crashes were devestating, 10 died in one that went down with no named reason at this moment but there seems to be no enemy fire at all and the other happened with 4 soldiers when two different helicopters crashed.

Ok so yes they died but what i don't get is that the first crash being any sort of death for honor of the nation. The chopper crashed for a reason that they do not know yet but they are not suspecting any enemy fire so what would make that honorable? yes its sad they died i am not saying it isn't but for Obama to say that it is an Honorable death for America does that mean if one of the soldiers dies from a heart attack and he is not fighting that he is dying an honorable death or not? I am all for the support of the troops but not for saying a crash with no enemy fire being an honorable death i am not for. That is way to much for me i am sorry , if there was enemy fire then yes it would be rightful to say they suffered death in honor for the US.

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