Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Fight To Stay Focused

The Plane that went over the Minneapolis Airport last week was not the first to raise questions toward pilot's paying attention while flying but it will hopefully be the last. The thing with it is a pilot is having to travel hours on end in the air and they loose focus very easily. Charlie Bray a retired pilot stated how there is not a whole lot to do when you are flying on a programmed course. the only thing you have to do is remember to keep checking the instruments. He also stated that you can read only things that pertain to the flight so the most you can read is a manuel about the plane and how to work it or you can make conversation with your co-pilot.

I honestly would be scared for my life if i were on a flight with a pilot who lost focus. Sure its understandable that they get bored on those long flights looking at some clouds but still to go 150 miles over the strip. i would think that even the worst pilot in the world would have been able to see that they were that far off and past. i am just like thinking outloud here but are pilots like liable to all the passengers safety when they are flying them around up above 10 thousand feet or are they just suppose to get you to your destination fly over and turn around and get you back to the place you are meant to go? I am glad that the two who flew over minneapolis airport got fired but for the future i think that the amount of things allowed should be limited like no laptops to distract the pilots, honestly how hard is it for airplanes to come stock with a guide printd out on paper.

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