Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Facebook Gets How Much??

Facebook Spammer was ordered by a California judge to pay $771 Million for damages to facebook. Spammer Sanford Wallace is also known as the "Spam King" hacked into other peoples facebook profiles without their permission and send out messages to many many people as well as sending video links to the walls of peoples profiles as well. Wallace is also facing jail time for this whole ordeal. This is not even the first time that wallace has done this and not the first time he has lost and had to pay. In 2008 he had to pay myspace and in 2006 the federal trade commision.

All i have to say about this guy is " Are you that stupid," if you got caught with this thing once then isn't there a chance at all that it will happen again? I honestly think that if you are stupid enough to even go in and do anything like hacking into someone elses profiles on anything you seriously have too much time on your hands or you are just a plain creep. I do think though he got what he deserved cause you know its not like anyone got hurt but it was just a pain to pop onto your very own profile and see a new message from someone and then not be able to see anything once clicking the link. Also i think a little hard time would do the guy some good yeah it is not a nice place to be but hey what he did was not real nice at all either. Doesn't Karma stink?

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