Monday, November 9, 2009

Healthcare Needs Reform

In an effort to reform the Healthcare system in the United States there are mixed ideas about what to do and also how to go about reforming it. Hillary Clinton is a big advocate toward the healthcare reformation and President Obama are going into getting a universal healthcare set for the States. Some think that those fighting for reform are going about it the wrong way and think that the US should go with programs similar to those in Canada andthe United Kingdom. Health savings accounts are something that people think should be considered to be added to help relieve the pain of the loss of great amounts of money for surgery and other means of health related issues. Also some say that there is a chance that too much government oversight will lead to more bereaucracies.
I believe fully that there needs to be a reform in the healthcare plan but i am not sure what there is to be done. I know that the way to go about this is not going well but it is not going badly either. The plans in Canada seem like that might be the way to go and there may even be advantages to going into a plan similar to them. Also a national healthcare plan would be good but could also be bad and the big question that i have is, 'does the good outway the bad or is it that the bad outways the good?', which one is good for this i honestly don't know the answer. Making a big change thought i know would take time to get anything out of it and if the change is too drastic it will fail and we will be back to square one where we don't know what to do about healthcare and the sort.
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