Monday, November 23, 2009

Galileo's Fingers???? WHAT!!

Three fingers were cut off of the legendary scientist Galileo Galilei. Two of the digits and his last tooth were taken and put into a jar back when he had died in 1642. The last digit had been in the museum since 1927 and has not been moved. The person whom had the jar remains anonymous at this time and had bought them on an auction where the auctioneer had not known that they were Galileo's parts because the note card that was with the urn when he had sold it was not with it anymore. It was a common practice to cut off body parts and take organs from saints and other higher minds but what was ironic was that the catholic church had actually sentenced Galileo to go to jail for saying that the earth had circled the sun.

All I want to know is why on earth would you want to buy the fingers or tooth of someone who lived long ago and honestly was our father of astronomy basically. Heck i could take my fingers cut them off when i die and put a tooth in a jar and it could be worth something years down the road depending on what I do with my life right? I would not have made any sort of offer for the jar containing these because its kinda disturbing knowing that you are buying someones remains. A big question I have is why would they not keep a better look after the jar and keep all the fingers and the tooth together so that they didn't have people buying and selling it? If it is that big of a thing having Galileo's fingers and tooth than keep it safe so that it cannot be lost and let it be better kept.

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