Monday, December 21, 2009

Tests show positive signs

There is a test going to be done on figuring out if we are ready for an attack from the Iranian government if they do decide to attack our country. The test is to see if our new capibility 2 missile technology is able to work out as well as it is planned to but yet we are needing to test it to see. there are a total of like 2 missile bases that have the capability of shooting these missiles for defense and tehy are in Alaska and in California. So far the majority of the shots would be coming out of Alaska due to the shorter distance of travel around the world. The Government is saying that the earliest they expect any type of iranian shooting is in the year 2020 which is not so far only a mere ten years away.

I am not sure whether or not this is a big deal but the thing is that the government is thinking that Iran is going to fire missiles on us and we are afraid of that happening when we are trying to get peace talks going. I think once this war is over we will be less afraid of the Iranian Government doing this to us but still its scary stuff. Iran may be in the middle east but it is still full of understanding people who will hopefully come to realize that there are not that many problems as it seems at the moment and come around and be less hostile towards anyone. The whole problem with the testing is we are firing over the ocean basically and what happens of the interceptor misses? Do we fire another one or do we just let it hit the land somewhere? they have a plan but the plan is not very detailed.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Putting Welfare To Work

There is a number of people out in pocverty and many are struggling just to survive. In 2005 there are nearly 43% of people labeled as being in poverty that make half or less than 19,350 dollars- the governments definition of a family of four. this number has been risen from there being a decreasing number of TANF cases and being no one arguing for going back to the no-strings-attached approach of things. Many people are still going into poverty even when there are less TANF cases and so there are many critics that say that this cannot be a measure of success, partly due to the effect that there ae more people starting to rely on medicaid as well as many other food stamps being used around today. There is an effect that those whio do find full time jobs don't have the training and fail to make enough money to get out of poverty.

I am kinda not sure where to sit on this because yes there are lots of people out working and yes there are many who do start looking for jobs once they have none. The problem seems that the more you want a job the harder it is to get because there are jobs that people are not willing to do and yet that is the only job open. Yes the job may be bad and cruddy but if your looking into just making money than why not take it and get some income because every little bit works to help. The welfare part and medicaid is understandable but if you have a job there are chances that you will be able to get help easier and for a little less. I know that it can be hard to find a job but I also know that in order to get to were you want you need to work for it and that goes for finding the right job for you. It may take time and you may not like some jobs you do but there is a bright side to the story at the end where you find that job.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Choose Your Gender Wisely?

The technology to choose whether you get a boy or a girl child is getting into a bigger wider and more accurate field. The pre-implantation genetic diagnosis also known as PGA gives parents the choice of choosing whether their child will be a boy or a girl. the process allows for finding any diseases that the child may have and eradicating them and requires the family to have an in vitro fertilization. The problem is that this procedure is banned in most countries but it is available in the United States and is costing around $18000.

I have a problem with this and that is that the choice of becoming a male or female is all up to god and his choices for the baby. I hate when something of this magnitude comes out into the world and alot of people think that they can play god so they make the choice to change genders. Yeah sure there is the whole if they have a birth defect or are born with a mental illness but most parents would end up loving their children no matter what and its not their choice in making a cild a boy or girl its the choice of what happens and the parents should be fine with it no matter what the outcome.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Galileo's Fingers???? WHAT!!

Three fingers were cut off of the legendary scientist Galileo Galilei. Two of the digits and his last tooth were taken and put into a jar back when he had died in 1642. The last digit had been in the museum since 1927 and has not been moved. The person whom had the jar remains anonymous at this time and had bought them on an auction where the auctioneer had not known that they were Galileo's parts because the note card that was with the urn when he had sold it was not with it anymore. It was a common practice to cut off body parts and take organs from saints and other higher minds but what was ironic was that the catholic church had actually sentenced Galileo to go to jail for saying that the earth had circled the sun.

All I want to know is why on earth would you want to buy the fingers or tooth of someone who lived long ago and honestly was our father of astronomy basically. Heck i could take my fingers cut them off when i die and put a tooth in a jar and it could be worth something years down the road depending on what I do with my life right? I would not have made any sort of offer for the jar containing these because its kinda disturbing knowing that you are buying someones remains. A big question I have is why would they not keep a better look after the jar and keep all the fingers and the tooth together so that they didn't have people buying and selling it? If it is that big of a thing having Galileo's fingers and tooth than keep it safe so that it cannot be lost and let it be better kept.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wait a minute Henry admits its a hand ball?

In the World Cup qualifying game between France and Ireland there was a controversial goal taken as a score in the extra minutes of the game scored by Thierry Henry. This was one of the best games the Irish have played and also one of their most important since October 2005. This is only one of the few controversial goals made in the world cup history. In 2002 the US faced Germany and made them lose 1-0 and sending the German squad onto the semi-finals. Also the most controversial one is by far "The Hand of God," made by Diego Maradona in the 1986 World cup. Soon after the win, the Internet flooded with pictures of Henry being burned and bashed with words. Some even from French supporters saying that they are ashamed of this victory but that they are happy that they won and still are in for the World Cup. Henry even admitted that it was a hand ball.

Ok so we have another hand ball issue but this is not small. I agree with the thing that Henry said being honest about it but still i would say its good cause the refs didn't call him on it. Why did they not call well its plain and simple to get.... They didn't see what happened and from their position it looked legit so they can't do anything about it. I have played soccer and was on my high school soccer team and yeah i was called on some "crappy" calls but again its not anything i can control the refs call what they see and thats final. I think that the whole thing is still very controversial but again its all about how the game is played, some calls are good and some are bad but in the end there had to be a winner and a loser so its all fair i suppose.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Healthcare Needs Reform

In an effort to reform the Healthcare system in the United States there are mixed ideas about what to do and also how to go about reforming it. Hillary Clinton is a big advocate toward the healthcare reformation and President Obama are going into getting a universal healthcare set for the States. Some think that those fighting for reform are going about it the wrong way and think that the US should go with programs similar to those in Canada andthe United Kingdom. Health savings accounts are something that people think should be considered to be added to help relieve the pain of the loss of great amounts of money for surgery and other means of health related issues. Also some say that there is a chance that too much government oversight will lead to more bereaucracies.
I believe fully that there needs to be a reform in the healthcare plan but i am not sure what there is to be done. I know that the way to go about this is not going well but it is not going badly either. The plans in Canada seem like that might be the way to go and there may even be advantages to going into a plan similar to them. Also a national healthcare plan would be good but could also be bad and the big question that i have is, 'does the good outway the bad or is it that the bad outways the good?', which one is good for this i honestly don't know the answer. Making a big change thought i know would take time to get anything out of it and if the change is too drastic it will fail and we will be back to square one where we don't know what to do about healthcare and the sort.
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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inmates Brawl

64 year old deputy Kenneth Moon was assaulted by inmate Douglas Burden, 24. Burden is in lock up on several drug charges and is currently in what is similar to isolation and is facing assault of an officer charges. A surveilance video showed that Burden took Moon into a choke hold while Moon was still in his chair. While Burden was choking Moon more inmates came and started to attack Burden. One inmate used Moons radio and called for backup and the others held Burden down untill more officers got there and one inmate held a hand out to help Moon get up. The reason the inmates did this is because they say that Moon is a good guy and they like him.

Wow..... that is all I think I need to say. At first glance at inmates yeah they are in there because they did som pretty nasty stuff but to hear and read about something like this and see the footage of it happening is really cool to see. I don't think that all inmates are bad people by any means and this incident proves that not all inmates are as bad as peopl make it out that they are. I think that if they are willing to give the work into bettering themselves then they should get the chance. Yes there is a chance that they are not going to get any better but there is also a chance that they will get better and will be great people and stop doing crimes. I don't know about others but if these men are to stay in prison at least give some who helped save Moon's life some slack and maybe they can get out early on good behavior.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Facebook Gets How Much??

Facebook Spammer was ordered by a California judge to pay $771 Million for damages to facebook. Spammer Sanford Wallace is also known as the "Spam King" hacked into other peoples facebook profiles without their permission and send out messages to many many people as well as sending video links to the walls of peoples profiles as well. Wallace is also facing jail time for this whole ordeal. This is not even the first time that wallace has done this and not the first time he has lost and had to pay. In 2008 he had to pay myspace and in 2006 the federal trade commision.

All i have to say about this guy is " Are you that stupid," if you got caught with this thing once then isn't there a chance at all that it will happen again? I honestly think that if you are stupid enough to even go in and do anything like hacking into someone elses profiles on anything you seriously have too much time on your hands or you are just a plain creep. I do think though he got what he deserved cause you know its not like anyone got hurt but it was just a pain to pop onto your very own profile and see a new message from someone and then not be able to see anything once clicking the link. Also i think a little hard time would do the guy some good yeah it is not a nice place to be but hey what he did was not real nice at all either. Doesn't Karma stink?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Fight To Stay Focused

The Plane that went over the Minneapolis Airport last week was not the first to raise questions toward pilot's paying attention while flying but it will hopefully be the last. The thing with it is a pilot is having to travel hours on end in the air and they loose focus very easily. Charlie Bray a retired pilot stated how there is not a whole lot to do when you are flying on a programmed course. the only thing you have to do is remember to keep checking the instruments. He also stated that you can read only things that pertain to the flight so the most you can read is a manuel about the plane and how to work it or you can make conversation with your co-pilot.

I honestly would be scared for my life if i were on a flight with a pilot who lost focus. Sure its understandable that they get bored on those long flights looking at some clouds but still to go 150 miles over the strip. i would think that even the worst pilot in the world would have been able to see that they were that far off and past. i am just like thinking outloud here but are pilots like liable to all the passengers safety when they are flying them around up above 10 thousand feet or are they just suppose to get you to your destination fly over and turn around and get you back to the place you are meant to go? I am glad that the two who flew over minneapolis airport got fired but for the future i think that the amount of things allowed should be limited like no laptops to distract the pilots, honestly how hard is it for airplanes to come stock with a guide printd out on paper.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Iran Seeks A Change

Iran is currently fighting to go against sending 70 % of its nuclear uranium out of the country of which was decided by the UN earlier last week. The UN stated that Iran has to send 70% of their uranium to Russia for the deal to be acceptable. Tehran says that they are not going to make any weapons with the uranium and that the plant itself is for electrical purposes and research types of movements. To make a weapon out of low-enriched uranium it would take 2,200 pounds worth of uranium. However the UN has issues the 70% which consists of 2,420 pounds to be sent out leaving them well under the amount that they need to make any weapon.

I am not really for the idea of another big world country gaining the power of Nuclear weaponry at any rate. yeah there are alot out there as it is but there is no telling if Iran would use it peacefully. Also there is no proof at the moment that the Plant in Iran is going to be for electrical purposes either. I say there should be a thorough look into this new plant so that there can be garunteed results that it is not a plant for weapons and that it is for an electrical power plant so that there is less fear in this already fearful nation. I am not going to forget about the plants accusations of being a weapon plant but I am hoping that it is only an electric one so the U.S. stops worrying about it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

They died in honor

On Monday Oct. 26th 14 Americans died in two different crashes. Three of the men were DEA Agents. The DEA is an extremely tight family and they say that it will be a tough period without the three. They also are the first DEA members to die in Afghanistan of which the DEA has had members in for 4 years now. President Obama says that "they Died and are doing this nation proud and now we should keep the memory of them alive in our hearts." The two crashes were devestating, 10 died in one that went down with no named reason at this moment but there seems to be no enemy fire at all and the other happened with 4 soldiers when two different helicopters crashed.

Ok so yes they died but what i don't get is that the first crash being any sort of death for honor of the nation. The chopper crashed for a reason that they do not know yet but they are not suspecting any enemy fire so what would make that honorable? yes its sad they died i am not saying it isn't but for Obama to say that it is an Honorable death for America does that mean if one of the soldiers dies from a heart attack and he is not fighting that he is dying an honorable death or not? I am all for the support of the troops but not for saying a crash with no enemy fire being an honorable death i am not for. That is way to much for me i am sorry , if there was enemy fire then yes it would be rightful to say they suffered death in honor for the US.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Change Takes Time

President Barrack Obama of the United States has been in office now for almost a year. This same guy who campaigned for The now is becoming a man of change in time. Obama has promised that the troops will be out of Afghanistan and Iraq but now they are still not out, infact there are many more troops being sent out. He has also has promised to close guantanimo bay but is not gonna make his January deadline. The Biggest two on Obama's desk right now are the healthcare plan and the Economy. There are currently more than 500 campaign promises being tracked and the majority of those are labeled with no progress, with only 3 years and a few months remaining in his term Mr. Obama must get his stuff in gear.

I am not sure about the tracking but it does sound like a good idea. I am happy that we have someone in office who is trying to change the way people look at things but at the moment its a tough job for just one man to keep so many promises. I am not saying drop some of the promises but for the most part why not give the guy some credit. At least he is trying to fix the problem instead of just making it worse. Yeah sure we may be in a recession but its just normal that recessions occur, all we can do is look at the past and learn from it so we don't make the same stupid mistakes again. I say if Obama can get the economy fixed and that and jobs start to appear again and all that then i say good job Mr. President and keep up the good work. I am not gonna voice any opinions about the promises he has made its still really early in his term. Maybe next year we can make some bigger conclusions about Obama's administration but not now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Warfare Spending

The Spending of War Dollars has gone up and down through the entire war so far in Iraq and Afghanistan. In past wars there has been "Power of the purse" of which has been used by the congress to limit the executive power. the most recent of the use has been with the Vietnam war and then congress did not allow Ronald Reagan to fund the Contra fighters in Nicaragua. Congress is saying that them being in Iraq in an unending effort there is doing us no good in the war. The President is also known as the commander in chief. This persons responsibility is to solve problems and decide how to conduct America's battles.

I believe that President obama should pull out of this war with the troops. the cost has been growing over these eight years to a point where we eill have to pay it off in years and it will take forever. According to the National Priorities Project the cost of war is currently sitting at $915.1 Billion and still growing at a fast rate with an estimated $1 trillion total cost by the end of 2010. This war has gone on long enough and lives have been lost and yet they are considering to send in more troops why would you do that if you want to get the peace talks going. I think that if we want to start paying back the war debt and start strengthening the economy again one of the steps we have to take is pulling out troops and getting out of the war as soon as posible. Obama needs to be smart about this and not just listen as much to the general but get others opinions and form a decision.

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Monday, September 28, 2009

Must win hearts of Afghan people

General McChrystal says that there is a need for more troops to help the armed forces gain the hearts and minds of all the Afghanian people. He says that without the hearts ofthe people behind them then they will have no way of winning the war and the past eight years will be all fought for nothing. Some of the top democrats including John Kerry of Massachusetts says that there is no need to rush into a decision of this magnitude and wants to debate this more instead of sending vast numbers of men and women to fight and risk their lives for the war. Cohen states that there needs to be an explanation to why we are in Afghanistan from President Obama.

I think that the fighting in the middle east as a whole has gone on for way too long. We keep sending troops over to help get the taliban fighters yet we still have not gotten them all. All the talk about winning the hearts of the Afghani people is not all to far from the truth, but i think that they are not too happy of us being over there shooting and attacking in their country when we can't keep going forever. If we want to get the hearts and minds we should just goo over and help rebuild the homes of those whose houses and property has been damaged that will get them on our side to say that we are a helpful nation instead of calling us hurtful and destructive beings. I am not saying that the US military being there is bad thing but i think we are going out on the wrong limb by fighting completely fighting and not helping out the nations as much to rebuild while we drive the taliban farther away.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prove Its Peaceful

The Iranian Government has let out that they have another nuclear facility of which they have had in hiding for 5 years. The United States and President Obama want Iran to let the officials who are in charge of checking and making sure nuclear plants are safe in to check and see just that. The Iranian Gov. says that the facility is a peaceful power supplying style of plant but the US and other nations are not so sure without the proof. The US Government believe without a doubt that there is a reason for the hiding of this facilty for so long and that reason they believe is that they are trying to create nuclear weapons.

I am not sure what to really say about the situation other than that i am honestly for the American Government. I don't say that the facility itself is for sure a nuclear weapon plant but i agree that the Iranian Government should prove to the world that the plant is a safe and not a weapons plant like they say. If they agree to giving the inspectors time to go check the entire plant itself and they say that it is not a weapons plant then they should by all right use the plant but if they are hiding something then i think that the Iranian Government should be scared and ready to face any consequences that they recieve. I think that the problem that is here is from the very start when this plant was first built i think that they should have been checked and then this whole ordeal would not be such a problem and then the people of the world would not have to worry so much about a nuclear attack coming from Iran.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama Takes Back Healthcare

President Obama in an effort to bring health care into a national health care plan stopped in to Minnesota to try and sway one of the healthiest states to come with him and be on his side for the whole ordeal involving his health care plan. Obama Himself stated that "I intend to be president for a while now and that he has every incentive to make this bill work because there is no reason to pass a bill that fails.

I am not sure whether a nation wide health care plan would be beneficail for the status of the United States. the plan for the US is not something that i would see as a way of improving the government for the matter that not everyone in the states would be able to afford the amount of money that would be involved in making the plan work. Also not every person wants to have health care or they are waiting to get any kind of health plan for themselves once the economy goes up. For Minnesota being one of the healthiest states, I don't know whether or not the people in Minnesota are against the healthcare plan that Obama is presenting but i can say that all across the US there are people who are both for and against the plan mainly because they either have health plans or they don't.