Monday, September 28, 2009

Must win hearts of Afghan people

General McChrystal says that there is a need for more troops to help the armed forces gain the hearts and minds of all the Afghanian people. He says that without the hearts ofthe people behind them then they will have no way of winning the war and the past eight years will be all fought for nothing. Some of the top democrats including John Kerry of Massachusetts says that there is no need to rush into a decision of this magnitude and wants to debate this more instead of sending vast numbers of men and women to fight and risk their lives for the war. Cohen states that there needs to be an explanation to why we are in Afghanistan from President Obama.

I think that the fighting in the middle east as a whole has gone on for way too long. We keep sending troops over to help get the taliban fighters yet we still have not gotten them all. All the talk about winning the hearts of the Afghani people is not all to far from the truth, but i think that they are not too happy of us being over there shooting and attacking in their country when we can't keep going forever. If we want to get the hearts and minds we should just goo over and help rebuild the homes of those whose houses and property has been damaged that will get them on our side to say that we are a helpful nation instead of calling us hurtful and destructive beings. I am not saying that the US military being there is bad thing but i think we are going out on the wrong limb by fighting completely fighting and not helping out the nations as much to rebuild while we drive the taliban farther away.

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