Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Warfare Spending

The Spending of War Dollars has gone up and down through the entire war so far in Iraq and Afghanistan. In past wars there has been "Power of the purse" of which has been used by the congress to limit the executive power. the most recent of the use has been with the Vietnam war and then congress did not allow Ronald Reagan to fund the Contra fighters in Nicaragua. Congress is saying that them being in Iraq in an unending effort there is doing us no good in the war. The President is also known as the commander in chief. This persons responsibility is to solve problems and decide how to conduct America's battles.

I believe that President obama should pull out of this war with the troops. the cost has been growing over these eight years to a point where we eill have to pay it off in years and it will take forever. According to the National Priorities Project the cost of war is currently sitting at $915.1 Billion and still growing at a fast rate with an estimated $1 trillion total cost by the end of 2010. This war has gone on long enough and lives have been lost and yet they are considering to send in more troops why would you do that if you want to get the peace talks going. I think that if we want to start paying back the war debt and start strengthening the economy again one of the steps we have to take is pulling out troops and getting out of the war as soon as posible. Obama needs to be smart about this and not just listen as much to the general but get others opinions and form a decision.

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