Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Iran Seeks A Change

Iran is currently fighting to go against sending 70 % of its nuclear uranium out of the country of which was decided by the UN earlier last week. The UN stated that Iran has to send 70% of their uranium to Russia for the deal to be acceptable. Tehran says that they are not going to make any weapons with the uranium and that the plant itself is for electrical purposes and research types of movements. To make a weapon out of low-enriched uranium it would take 2,200 pounds worth of uranium. However the UN has issues the 70% which consists of 2,420 pounds to be sent out leaving them well under the amount that they need to make any weapon.

I am not really for the idea of another big world country gaining the power of Nuclear weaponry at any rate. yeah there are alot out there as it is but there is no telling if Iran would use it peacefully. Also there is no proof at the moment that the Plant in Iran is going to be for electrical purposes either. I say there should be a thorough look into this new plant so that there can be garunteed results that it is not a plant for weapons and that it is for an electrical power plant so that there is less fear in this already fearful nation. I am not going to forget about the plants accusations of being a weapon plant but I am hoping that it is only an electric one so the U.S. stops worrying about it.

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