Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Change Takes Time

President Barrack Obama of the United States has been in office now for almost a year. This same guy who campaigned for The now is becoming a man of change in time. Obama has promised that the troops will be out of Afghanistan and Iraq but now they are still not out, infact there are many more troops being sent out. He has also has promised to close guantanimo bay but is not gonna make his January deadline. The Biggest two on Obama's desk right now are the healthcare plan and the Economy. There are currently more than 500 campaign promises being tracked and the majority of those are labeled with no progress, with only 3 years and a few months remaining in his term Mr. Obama must get his stuff in gear.

I am not sure about the tracking but it does sound like a good idea. I am happy that we have someone in office who is trying to change the way people look at things but at the moment its a tough job for just one man to keep so many promises. I am not saying drop some of the promises but for the most part why not give the guy some credit. At least he is trying to fix the problem instead of just making it worse. Yeah sure we may be in a recession but its just normal that recessions occur, all we can do is look at the past and learn from it so we don't make the same stupid mistakes again. I say if Obama can get the economy fixed and that and jobs start to appear again and all that then i say good job Mr. President and keep up the good work. I am not gonna voice any opinions about the promises he has made its still really early in his term. Maybe next year we can make some bigger conclusions about Obama's administration but not now.

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