Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Obama Takes Back Healthcare

President Obama in an effort to bring health care into a national health care plan stopped in to Minnesota to try and sway one of the healthiest states to come with him and be on his side for the whole ordeal involving his health care plan. Obama Himself stated that "I intend to be president for a while now and that he has every incentive to make this bill work because there is no reason to pass a bill that fails.

I am not sure whether a nation wide health care plan would be beneficail for the status of the United States. the plan for the US is not something that i would see as a way of improving the government for the matter that not everyone in the states would be able to afford the amount of money that would be involved in making the plan work. Also not every person wants to have health care or they are waiting to get any kind of health plan for themselves once the economy goes up. For Minnesota being one of the healthiest states, I don't know whether or not the people in Minnesota are against the healthcare plan that Obama is presenting but i can say that all across the US there are people who are both for and against the plan mainly because they either have health plans or they don't.


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