Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Putting Welfare To Work

There is a number of people out in pocverty and many are struggling just to survive. In 2005 there are nearly 43% of people labeled as being in poverty that make half or less than 19,350 dollars- the governments definition of a family of four. this number has been risen from there being a decreasing number of TANF cases and being no one arguing for going back to the no-strings-attached approach of things. Many people are still going into poverty even when there are less TANF cases and so there are many critics that say that this cannot be a measure of success, partly due to the effect that there ae more people starting to rely on medicaid as well as many other food stamps being used around today. There is an effect that those whio do find full time jobs don't have the training and fail to make enough money to get out of poverty.

I am kinda not sure where to sit on this because yes there are lots of people out working and yes there are many who do start looking for jobs once they have none. The problem seems that the more you want a job the harder it is to get because there are jobs that people are not willing to do and yet that is the only job open. Yes the job may be bad and cruddy but if your looking into just making money than why not take it and get some income because every little bit works to help. The welfare part and medicaid is understandable but if you have a job there are chances that you will be able to get help easier and for a little less. I know that it can be hard to find a job but I also know that in order to get to were you want you need to work for it and that goes for finding the right job for you. It may take time and you may not like some jobs you do but there is a bright side to the story at the end where you find that job.

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