Thursday, November 5, 2009

Inmates Brawl

64 year old deputy Kenneth Moon was assaulted by inmate Douglas Burden, 24. Burden is in lock up on several drug charges and is currently in what is similar to isolation and is facing assault of an officer charges. A surveilance video showed that Burden took Moon into a choke hold while Moon was still in his chair. While Burden was choking Moon more inmates came and started to attack Burden. One inmate used Moons radio and called for backup and the others held Burden down untill more officers got there and one inmate held a hand out to help Moon get up. The reason the inmates did this is because they say that Moon is a good guy and they like him.

Wow..... that is all I think I need to say. At first glance at inmates yeah they are in there because they did som pretty nasty stuff but to hear and read about something like this and see the footage of it happening is really cool to see. I don't think that all inmates are bad people by any means and this incident proves that not all inmates are as bad as peopl make it out that they are. I think that if they are willing to give the work into bettering themselves then they should get the chance. Yes there is a chance that they are not going to get any better but there is also a chance that they will get better and will be great people and stop doing crimes. I don't know about others but if these men are to stay in prison at least give some who helped save Moon's life some slack and maybe they can get out early on good behavior.

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