Sunday, January 3, 2010

Iran Is Still Fighting the UN Security Council

The Iranian Foriegn minister is calling to the West that they need to second think this proposal and comprimise more in favor for the Iranian sid e of the fight. They are saying the west has until the end of January to accept the comprimise or they are going to start producing their own 20 percent enriched uranium. The Iranian minister Manounchehr Mottaki was ready to give 400 kilograms of the 3.5 percent enriched for 20 percent but that is significantly lower than the 1200 kilograms that the International Atomic Energy Agency has drafted in their deal.

What come on Iran give up the 1200 kilograms already and stop fighting this. If your not going to be making nuclear weapons then why would you need any low enriched uranium. i would think if you are going for energy and power purposes you would be more than willing to take the 20 percent enriched uranium over the 3.5 percent stuff. unless of course the actions to do so are to make a weapon then what will happen? well if Iran makes a weapon alot of countries will probably be unhappy with them and end up going to war with them to destroy these weapons and then the cost of everything will go up and the countries that are fighting will end up losing their economy and end up in recession. I honestly think that Iran does have something to hide which is why they are so worried bout sending 1200 kilograms of uranium out of the country.

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