Thursday, January 14, 2010

Threaten to kill, then Plead Guilty

An Arkansas man by the name of Paul Schlesselman, from West Helena, has plead guilty to death threats against a numerous number of African Americans including our now President Barrack Obama. This man was planning on killing them in 2008 just a mere 2 years ago. His threats have said that he was planning on killing the then senator Obama on October 23, 2008, shortly before the presidential election. Schlesselman faces 10 years in prison came to under agreement by the federal prosecuters.

Why on Earth would you try to kill anyone in the first place. Yeah there are many reasons but to just make a list and then know the date you will try to kill them and get caught before the date is way too much. I am sure people have had thoughts of killing someone, somewhere along the lines but to actually make a list of it and make a date by the name to kill that person on, honestly. Also to actually plot to kill someone who is going to be trying to be president that is even more obsurd. i could see trying to kill people who have made you mad but not cause of the race of the person like that. I am not a racist person or anything so that might be it but still its not right to stuff like this.

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